Education is for everyone.

We help students to buy only the missing parts of their kits.

Packing Quantity = 50pcs per pack

* Make sure you order the right parts that are missing from your kit, or contact us for assistance.




We encourage practical education, available any missing or damaged part for all our education kits, such as Bushing.

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The inception of Robotmea in the United Arab Emirates was to help meet future needs for creative, multi-talented individuals armed with essential skills; Robotmea conducts research on career development and entrepreneurship. It also continuously conducts research on human resources development and lifelong vocational capacity development to equip the entire population of the Middle East, Africa & Pakistan i.e job-seekers, workers, and the middle-aged and the underprivileged to adapt smoothly to the rapidly-changing labor market. In this 21st century, where there is a paradigm shift in technology and most researchers believe that the world will see huge technological transformation in the next decade that we didn’t observe in the last fifty years.

read more at the robotmea education system for organizations and schools who aim to map with robotic & steam.

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