Circuit Edu

  • Build Electronic Circut

  • Learn via application implementation
  • Learn reading Capacitor, Resistor, Transistor .. more
  • Design Electronic / Electric Circut

  • Safe for Students (no programming required)



Semi Professional

The Circuit edu starts with a basic electric/electronic curriculum using original electronic parts and trains students on simple to complex application circuits.

The kit includes 14 projects that teach students the electronic components, parts, reading and how to build a complete circuit on safe equipment that do not require a soldering iron, and parts can be reused many times, and also can be bought from the local market in-case any parts are missing.

The circuit kit is a very good training kit for students that what to learn the practical applications of Capacitors, Resistors, and sensors, in electronic circuits. No coding is involved in this kit.

The easiest way to craft the mind of students is to provide them with tools that will challenge them, especially when it’s hands-on practical parts that show real-life applications.

Circuit board Kit is suitable for children of ages 14 and above.


Imagine = Imagine and practice to make a project that works for real

Learn = Every step is counted learning, Capacitors, Transistor, Resistor, Sound, Sensor, .. and so on

Practice = Practically train in electronic circuit

Family playtime = Image what you will learn, and how long you will play and enjoy  🙂

Our Teacher’s Guides are available for most of the kits, to allow parents to deliver a better understanding for their children.

You can request a teacher’s guide by registering on our website and requesting the manual.


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