Robo Intelligent Kids

  • Understanding of Complex Robotics Assembly
  • Development of Programming Skills Using Easy-to-Use Modular Software
  • Advance Use of Programable Controller
  • Understanding of Complex Flow Charts Techniques, Loops and IF-ELSE Statements Through Realtime Project Simulation
  • Practical Use of DC Motors and Servo Motors
  • Practical Use of Touch Sensor Modules and  IR Sensor Modules
  • Practical Use of LED Modules and Remote Controller
  • Unlimited DIY Projects


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Robo Intelligent Kits – For Intermediators

Connect your students to the world of design, challenges and programming modules. The Robo Intelligent kits are motivating and challenging kits toward solving problems. The projects are more complex than standard Robotmea projects, it provides more challenging mechanics, control, and speed.

The Intelligent kids projects require the supervision of parents or teachers in-order to encourage students to challenge themselves and design these complex models. The programming includes a simple Drag-Drop menu, with more commands to use for sensors and motions together.

Robo Intelligent Kit is suitable for children of ages 12 to 13 years.


Building Intelligent projects with your kids will be fun to:

Imagine = Imagine every project, the application, and how it works

Learn = Every step is counted learning, from colors/shapes/counting/locations/assembling parts name .. and so on

Practice = Practically train child’s hands and brain to focus, read, link, and design modules

Family playtime = Image how long you will speak with your child and play with him 🙂

* We provide spare parts if any are missing (on its cost),

* Offer you to use our membership benefits to get extra benefits.

* Customize curriculum and contents to fit future education system, including Robotic & STEAM (STEM)

* Customize complete educational LABs from KG – K12 & Universities in collaboration with Korean Universities and educational institutes.

* Deliver materials throughout GCC and part of Africa.

Our teacher’s guides are available for most of the kits, to allow parents to deliver a better understanding for their children.

You can request a teacher’s guide by registering on our website and requesting the manual.


1. Kit consists of a comprehensive STEAM manual, variety of panels, brackets, rivets, rod rivets, bushings, support, gears, wheel guide, tires, DC motors, servo motors, programable creative controller, remote controller, IR sensors, touch sensors, LEDs, rods and Windows-base “Tronz” Programming Software.

2. Learns flow chart techniques and use of If & Else statements through project-based learning.

3. They can simulate their programs in real-time projects to understand coding and its flow-control commands easily

4. Contains IR sensors used to obtain data from surrounding and then feed it to robots to take decisions according to conditions provided in the programming.

5. Learns the implementation and application of flow charts and use of If & Else statements through project-based learning.

6. Develops programming skills through drag-and-drop programming.

7. Enhances psychomotor skills and hands-on practices on different modules, IR sensors, embedded controllers, and dc motors through programming.

8. Students can assemble 9 different pre designed projects and unlimited DIY projects.

9. All our products are safety-certified products.

Extra Benefits

We encourage education, therefore, we provide spare parts if any are missing (on its cost), and use our membership benefits to get extra benefits.


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