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Design Shapes – Foundation Series

Teach your kids science, and mathematics through fun-based activities by building knowledge around Games and Shapes, The Robo Makers kit contains a block assembling kit that will extract the imagination of your child and interact with various types, structural design, and behaviors through robotics.

This kit is recommended for children aged 5 to 7 years, with the supervision of parents or teachers in order to build proper knowledge of your child.

Robo Creatures 3 kit is suitable for children of ages 5 to 7 years.


Building Makers kids projects with your kids will be fun to:
Imagine = Imagine every project, the application, and how it works
Learn = every step is counted learning, from colors/shapes / counting/locations / assembling parts name .. and so on
Practice = practically train child’s hands and brain to focus, read, link, and design modules
Family playtime = image how long you will speak with your child and play with him 🙂
Our teacher’s guides are available for most of the kits, to allow parents to deliver a better understanding for their children.
You can request a teacher’s guide by registering on our website and requesting the manual.


1. Improves hand-eye coordination.
2. Kids can assemble 12 projects.
3. Increases knowledge about ancient animals.
4. Kit consists of a project manual, a variety of blocks, panels, mini wheels, wheels, tires, and bents for assembling different projects.
5. Improves hand-eye coordination.
6. Learn complex assembly structures.
7. Parts are compatible with all Robotmea products.
8. All our products are safety-certified products.


We encourage education, therefore, we provide spare parts if any are missing (on its cost), and use our membership benefits to get extra benefits.



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