Self-Driving Car

  • Practical experience with Self Driving Car
  • Students will learn Artificial Intelligent of Self-Driving Car
  • Realtime Integration & Programming

  • Solve real-life Vehicle Driving challenges

  • Learn to use Sensors, Light, and Bluetooth..

  • Easy Coding Software (Mobile or Laptop)


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Professional Series For Experts Students

The intelligent Car kit is an educational product for Self-Driving Car using Block Coding and AI, this kit will help students to learn robot / coding / AI while making and programming a car with blocks and applying each function of  ‘Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)’ through coding. Movements presented in the textbook may be different depending on several factors such as road conditions, obstacles, battery out-put, and motor characteristics. 

It contains challenging coding projects and real-time problem-solving. Students need to become critical thinkers and problem solvers to overcome the obstacle of today and future challenges.

The easiest way to craft the mind of students is to provide them with tools that will challenge them, such as Minecraft challenge them to design cities and play with their own rules, they can use Coding Challenge to build blocks and program the sensors to apply their rules.

Robo Universe Kit is suitable for children of ages 14 to 16 years.


Building Self-Driving Car projects with your kids will be fun to:

Imagine = Imagine every step that Car should take and obstacle that it should skip and … all challenges of today

Learn = Every step is calculated properly, use AI to make the Car think and decide the right move.. and so on

Practical = It’s all practice, Challenge the student brain, assemble the car, then program to solve the problem

Family playtime = Image how many challenges you will give your child to solve and share the experience with him  🙂

Our Teacher’s Guides are available for most of the kits, to allow parents to deliver a better understanding for their children.

You can request a teacher’s guide by registering on our website and requesting the manual.


  • The Self-Driving Car is a product that codes and experiences self-driving functions 
  • Understanding & learning while making a car with blocks and applying each function of  ‘Advanced Driver Assisting System (ADAS)’ through coding.
  • Learn how to apply coding & AI technology to the robot

* We encourage all kinds of education that leads to a better future for our students, therefore, we provide spare parts for almost all kits available in our product line. check the part section.


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